Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacuum Sealer

I came so close to getting one of these.

It was on sale at Kmart, and I had a coupon.

I was psyched.

I went to Kmart.

I forgot it.

Now every time I discover freezer burn on a bag of mystery meat or vegetables, I think, "Man, if only I had remembered to get the vacuum sealer at Kmart."

My life is pretty rough, eh?

Now I have my own vacuum sealer.

It's called a straw.

And it works wonders.

But be careful not to suck up raw meat.

Items Needed:

Ziploc bag

1. Put food in bag.
2. Zip bag shut except for small opening.
3. Put straw in opening. Suck out air.
4. Remove straw and finish zipping bag.

Cost: Ziploc Vacuum: $6-10, Straw: Free from McDonald's!
The straw does the job. It definitely isn't perfect, but it's plenty good enough for short-term freezing (a month or so). It's a huge improvement over my frosty bags of shredded chicken waiting to be tossed into a pot pie (or thrown away). No need to spend money on the Ziploc Vacuum and its special bags, unless you're freezing for months in advance.
But I did get light-headed after sucking air out of 8 bags of strawberries.
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  1. I never thought of a straw. I always use the cheap bags and it is hard to get the air out of them. Thanks for the advise!!!

  2. Wow...I never even thought of that. That's a very good idea. I always buy meat in bulk and divide it into small bags. My husband teases me about the freezer burn it gets. I'll definately be trying this new trick!

  3. Another great way is to fill a bowl or sink with water, press out as much air as you can, seal only small part, submerge all but the opening. The water pressure will force out the air, then seal.

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